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Body Care Is Skincare

By ZO® Skin Health


When skincare is mentioned, most people immediately think of the face. Many products and treatments focus on the face, after all: It’s the first thing you notice about a person and it prominently displays skin concerns, such as lines and wrinkles. However, whether on the face or the body, skin still needs to be maintained to ensure ongoing skin health.


There are differences between skin on the body and the face. Facial skin tends to be thinner than on the arms, hands, feet, for example. Facial skin, according to Journal of Lipid Research, contains some of the highest concentration of sebaceous glands on the body, making it more prone to oiliness. 1


Skin health regimens need to take these differences into account to properly care for both the face and the body. However, those new to body care may ask—what does the body need?


Depending on skin type, exfoliation every so often may be beneficial. Both chemical or physical exfoliators can help to remove dead skin cells and decongest pores to improve the appearance of rough, blemished or dull skin. For oily or acne-prone skin, Dual Action Scrub is ideal for use on the face and body. The scrub provides non-abrasive, eco-friendly physical exfoliation as well as chemical exfoliation benefits from salicylic and lactic Acid.


All skin needs hydration. ZO® Body products contain key hydrators to ensure skin is optimally functioning while also providing other key benefits to target an array of skin concerns. When choosing a body product, consider a product that can both offer the desired treatment results while restoring hydration to offer maximum skin health benefits.


The body needs a little TLC, too. Textural issues, discoloration and lack of a toned appearance are common with areas of the body and can be addressed with the right treatment regimen.

Body Emulsion is a multi-action body crème that improves quality, smoothness and overall appearance of healthy skin. Key ingredient retinol helps to even skin tone and promote the appearance of more youthful body skin. Body Emulsion also offers gentle enzymatic exfoliation, lightweight hydrators and soothing oat to enforce overall body skin health.

Looking to minimize the appearance of cellulite + thigh contour? Cellulite Control offers a breakthrough blend of ingredients that smooths the appearance of hips, thighs and the buttocks while delivering nourishing hydration, working around the clock to provide a toning effect to those troublesome spots.

There also are advanced treatments for more dramatic results. Body treatments and procedures have become more popular in recent years. CoolSculpting and other nonsurgical body contouring treatments are available in med spas, salons and other professional skin health offices, offering a variety of options + results. If interested in learning more about body treatments available, find an Authorized ZO® Physician near you here.

Sun Protection

Finally, no matter where on the body, all skin needs sun protection. Wearing clothing that covers skin from the sun can help minimize the signs of aging from sun damage, but utilizing sunblock is also not to be overlooked. Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 50 is a lightweight, non-irritating mineral sunscreen recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation for daily use and provides protection from UVA, UVB and HEV light. As a water and perspiration resistant option, Daily Sheer Sunscreen SPF 50 is also a great option.


1 Thematic review series: Skin Lipids. Sebaceous gland lipids: friend or foe? Smith, K.R. et al. Journal of Lipid Research, Volume 49, Issue 2, 271 - 281


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