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Remove surface impurities with cleansers for all skin types.

About Cleansers

Whether you have dry skin; oily, acne-prone skin or normal skin, cleansing should be the first step of your skin care regimen. ZO® Skin Health offers face cleansers specially formulated for every skin type to remove surface oils, dirt, debris and other impurities while optimizing the effectiveness of our Prevent + Correct programs. The moisture-rich Hydrating Cleanser soothes and calms dry, sensitized skin. The Exfoliating Cleanser deeply penetrates pores to clear blemishes and relieve pore congestion to help treat oily, acne-prone skin. The Gentle Cleanser is effective for all skin types with an antioxidant boost that supports a healthy skin barrier.

Which Cleanser is Right for You?

Before deciding which cleanser is best for your skin, it’s good to know what type of skin you have in the first place. Do you suffer from acne? Is your skin easily irritated? Would you consider your skin dry, oily or somewhere in between? Do you wear a lot of makeup? Have you had any treatments done lately? The answers to these questions will help inform which cleanser you should choose.

What Makes Our Cleansers Different?

Unlike other skincare brands, our advanced skincare line is made with medical-grade formulations. Our cleansers, or face washes, are no exception. From clearing pores to revealing radiant skin, we know how important washing the face is, so we’ve created formulas you can trust.

Facial Cleanser for Every Skin Type

Just like someone with really dry skin may need a thicker hydrator than someone with oily, acne-prone skin, different skin types react better to different facial cleansers. That’s why we created four different formulas–each with a specific user in mind. From post-treatment skin to clogged pores, there is a facial cleanser for you.
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