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A Clarifying Force

Discover ZO's new powerful yet gentle serum for a continually clear and balanced complexion.

Complexion Clarifying Serum

A water-based serum engineered with ZO® sebum-targeting science, clinically proven to reduce surface oil, congestion + visible redness for a continually clear + balanced complexion.

This foundational staple is formulated for a range of skin types, especially combination, oily + blemish-prone skin.

Fragrance- and alcohol-free.

  • Proven to decongest skin + reduce surface shine in 2 weeks.
  • Minimizes excess sebum with daily use, while providing optimal hydration for a range of skin types.
  • Reduces visible redness for a more uniform complexion.
  • Light, water-gel formula layers easily.
  • Complexion Clarifying Serum features a unique dropper that fills automatically for ease of use. It dispenses the appropriate amount of serum to use, which is about a quarter size.

Before + After


Complexion Clarifying Serum  before-after-1


Complexion Clarifying Serum  before-after-1

Week 4

Pore Size + Number

Complexion Clarifying Serum  before-after-3


Complexion Clarifying Serum  before-after-3

Week 6

PROTOCOL: A 6-week independent, third-party clinical evaluation of 43 female subjects to test the efficacy of Complexion Clarifying Serum. Subjects represented females ages 16 to 44 with Fitzpatrick skint types II-IV. Supported with the use of Gentle Cleanser and Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 50.

Principle Of Skin Health Restoration

Sebum Control

Excess sebum is an inflammatory substance harmful to skin health. Controlling sebum is essential to prevent + treat many skin conditions, and to optimize the effectiveness of your overall protocol.

Sebum is a waxy, oily mixture produced by sebocyte cells in skin's sebaceous glands, whose activity is influenced by androgen hormones. While sebum plays a protective role against water loss + pathogenic invasion, excess sebum is detrimental to skin.

In addition to causing blemishes + large pores, over production of sebum contributes to inflammatory skin diseases including rosacea, melasma and seborrheic dermatitis.

Further, its waxy nature can inhibit the penetration + efficacy of corrective treatments. Minimizing sebum maximizes results of all skin restoration protocols.

New Exclusive ZO® Technology

Multi-Modal Sebum-Minimizing Science

Complexion Clarifying Serum is engineered with a new, ZO® Sebum-Targeting Complex of 3 plant extracts that deliver a clear + balanced complexion without dryness.


Complexion Clarifying Serum is clinically proven to reduce surface sebum, congestion and facial redness in as early as 2 weeks for an ongoing clear + balanced complexion.  

No.  Complexion Clarifying Serum is uniquely formulated with gentle, water-soluble salicylic acid that does not require the presence of drying solvents, such as alcohol, in the formula like traditional salicylic acid-based products. 
In addition, Complexion Clarifying Serum contains an exclusive polysaccharide complex that supports skin’s barrier plus humectants for light hydration. After 6 weeks of use twice daily, 98% of subjects reported that it did not dry their skin.

Complexion Clarifying Serum's water-soluble salicylic acid powerfully decongests skin without the presence of drying or irritating solvents like traditional salicylic acid products. It is shown to be effective at combatting breakout-causing bacteria while being gentle on a range of skin types.  
In addition, the weightless water-gel formula layers seamlessly into any protocol.

Yes. It is fragrance-free as well as alcohol-free.

Complexion Clarifying Serum features a dropper that fills automatically for ease of application.

The foundation to clear, healthy skin is always GSR®.  Starting your protocol with Exfoliating Cleanser, Dual Action Scrub and Oil Control Pads will help to ensure a blemish-free, smooth + radiant complexion.  In addition, Complexion Clearing Masque is an excellent bi-weekly treatment to absorb excess surface oil + other pore impurities and to immediately mattify shininess.

Used daily, Complexion Clarifying Serum will help improve congestion + ensure an ongoing clear complexion. To treat more moderate to severe breakouts, we suggest referring to a local ZO® physician who can provide a customized treatment plan based on your skin type, specific skin concerns + lifestyle. 

Complexion Clarifying Serum contains an exclusive, plant-derived polysaccaride complex that supports skin's protective barrier + minimizes signs of premature skin aging.  However, to best treat signs of aging, we recommend ZO's advanced Anti-Aging solutions such as:  
- Growth Factor Serum: fine lines + wrinkles
- Firming Serum: laxity + sagging
- Wrinkle + Texture Repair: deeper wrinkles + rough, sun-damaged texture

It is not recommended following ablative or combined ablative + non-ablative laser treatments.  Please refer to your provider for a proper post-treatment skincare.

Complexion Clarifying Serum reduced surface oil + shine, pore size + congestion and facial redness as early as 2 weeks in an independent clinical study.

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