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The Importance Of Cleansing

By ZO® Skin Health

If you’re trying to achieve healthy skin this summer, remember to start with the basics. Skin health restoration requires a systematic approach to bring back skin to its most balanced state and begin correcting issues like breakouts, redness, hyperpigmentation, and signs of aging. The first step of this systematic approach, and in any skin treatment, begins with your cleanser.   

Don’t get too distracted by serums and masques just yet, cleansers come first. Cleansing your skin is the only way to effectively remove debris—clearing the canvas of your skin and preparing it for transformation.

Cleansing Benefits

Cleansing may sound like a basic step, but you wouldn’t want to miss out on this key element of your skin care. Your skin would be very different if you didn’t cleanse regularly. Our skin is a powerful shield that protects us from external factors, but it is not self-cleaning. As we move through life, our skin encounters impurities like pollution, sweat, oil and even makeup. Our skin naturally sheds dead skin layers, but these functions begin to slow down as skin ages. Without cleansing, impurities and other debris can accumulate over time, clogging pores and becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. This, in turn, exacerbates all types of skin issues like breakouts, redness, dryness and dullness.

Routinely cleansing the skin offers myriad benefits. It clears the skin of dust, pollutants and impurities, leaving it feeling softer and refreshed, ready to absorb any corrective or preventative products you may want to apply next. 


Choosing the right cleanser is just as important as using the right serums or sunscreens—it can make or break a patient’s routine.


Cleansing Mistakes

You can’t go wrong with cleansing regularly, no matter the season, but there are a few mistakes you can make along the way.

Choosing the right cleanser is just as important as using the right serums or sunscreens—it can make or break a patient’s routine. Not all cleansers are made the same, so take into different ingredients and formulation into consideration when shopping for your skin type and skin concern. For example, a patient with dry skin would probably choose to use a milder, creamier cleanser to replenish hydration, such as ZO’s Hydrating Cleanser.  Whereas someone with oily, breakout-prone skin would probably opt for a more astringent, exfoliating formula






Hydrating Cleanser

Suitable for normal to dry skin, Hydrating Cleanser has dual properties: it cleanses the skin while minimizing dryness and irritation. Remove dirt, oil and makeup without leaving your skin feeling stripped or dry.

Hydrating Cleanser

GSR® Normal to Dry Skin


Another mistake would be to over-cleanse which, like over-exfoliation, can leave the skin feeling stripped and dry. Make sure not to cleanse more than you need to. Usually twice a day is enough for most patients—in the morning to remove the dead skin cells and leftover skincare, and at night to remove the day’s debris and to allow your nightly preventative and corrective products to penetrate more deeply. If your skin is particularly oily and sweaty you can probably get away with cleansing halfway through the day. Any more than that and you may be over-cleansing, which can destabilize your skin as you strip it of its’ natural oils. Potential effects include rashes, dryness and skin sensitivity.

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