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New Year, New Skin – Your 2021 Skincare Resolutions

By ZO® Skin Health


With 2020 at an end, it’s around that time when you take stock of your daily habits and figure out which to eliminate or elevate in the coming new year. 2020 was an unusual year - alcohol sales skyrocketed, “mask-ne” became the new skin care issue and SPF was sparsely applied. If you are a skincare beginner or skincare pro, it’s always good to re-evaluate your skincare routine and find the right protocol for your skin.

This year, let's get back to the basics of healthy skin with ZO’s Getting Skin Ready® protocol, which consists of three steps: cleanse, exfoliate and tone. This simple system works synergistically to improve skin function and overall skin health. From anti-aging, skin brightening or acne-clearing concerns, healthy skin starts here.


Keep your skin clean and rejuvenated by cleansing daily, AM + PM. Your cleanser may differ depending on your skin type – oily to dry, sensitive to acne prone – and this may change seasonally. For example, many people are currently experiencing dryer skin with dropping temperatures. Since dryness can exacerbate sensitive skin, opt for a soothing, more mild cleanser, such as ZO’s Hydrating Cleanser, to wash away impurities without leaving the skin stripped or dry.


Whether it’s physical or chemical, exfoliation is key in getting rid of pore-clogging dead skin cells for a more even-toned complexion. Even those with dry skin can find the benefit from exfoliation; with dead cells and other debris cleared away, your other skincare topicals and hydrators will better penetrate the skin and you’ll get the most out of your products. A favorite exfoliator among patients and physicians alike is Exfoliating Polish, which contains magnesium-oxide crystals to gently buff into your skin 2-3 times a week.


The third step to Getting Skin Ready® is toning. Now, toning can sometimes be viewed as an unnecessary third step after the skin has already been prepped through cleansing and exfoliating, but toning is an essential step for most skin types. Depending on the toner chosen, they are effective in balancing the pH level of the skin, which promotes a more vibrate and smoother complexion, as well as calming and controlling excess surface oil on the skin. For beginners and those with dry, sensitive skin, Calming Toner is a great option to balance the skin and prepare it for your other skincare topicals.

Ring in the new year with healthy skin by getting back to the basics, easily achievable with a Getting Skin Ready® protocol. To find the right system of products for your skin, we suggest visiting our Regimen Finder, but for a fully customized ZO® protocol, contact a ZO® physician near you for further assistance.


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