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Skincare Protocols | February 19, 2021

Principles to Restoring Healthy Skin

By ZO® Skin Health


The human body’s largest organ, the skin, carries a very important function—it’s a waterproof shield that protects your body from outside forces that could harm your wellbeing, such as germs, pollutants and even radiation from the sun. But, when the skin becomes compromised, it doesn’t function as it should leading to a myriad of issues and skin concerns.

ZO® Skin Health’s definition of healthy skin is smooth skin that is even in color and tone, firm and tight, hydrated, tolerant to external factors and, most importantly, free from disease. As you begin your skincare journey, regardless of your age, gender or skin type, think about the following principles to help you achieve optimal skin health:

Skin barrier function – When the skin barrier is compromised, this can lead to skin sensitivity, dryness, acne and other skin infections. Implementing the use of a product that contains restorative technologies + ingredients, such as Daily Power Defense, will help overall skin barrier function.

Stimulation – Wake up the skin! By using retinoic acid (or retinol, as an alternative) you can promote collagen and elastin health, as well as provide the skin with general restoration benefits.

Stabilization – Similarly to how people who exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet are more likely to heal and recover faster, live longer and just have an overall better quality of life, a regular skincare routine, such as the Daily Skincare Program, should provide your skin with all the necessary nutrients/ingredients necessary to improve its’ condition and allow it to function at optimal levels to remain younger-looking longer.

Sebum control – Excess sebum can be the underlying cause of many skin disorders, like acne, rosacea and sebum-induced inflammation. By minimizing surface sebum, you can calm redness and support overall skin health.

Eliminating chronic inflammation – Chronic inflammation can render the skin weak and unable to function properly and be incredibly destructive if left untreated. A progressive approach must be implemented to arrest inflammation throughout.

Skin resistance – Treatment failure is often caused by skin becoming tolerant and resistant to topical products. Prescription strength, medically dispensed products, such as hydroquinone, should be limited to short-term use to avoid this.

Skin hydration + calming – Conventional moisturizers that you find at your local grocery or department store can cause more harm than good as they only provide short-term comfort and make skin dependent. Opting for "functional hydrators" hydrate the skin from within and reduce the severity of reactions and irritation.

Smart sun protection – Sun damage not only causes skin diseases, such as skin cancer, but it reduces skin vitality and induces chronic inflammation. Sun protection is key for skin health.

These 8 principles go beyond the traditional approach to skincare and provide a more holistic approach to maintaining healthy skin for life. If you’re ready to start your journey to skin health, consult with a ZO® physician near you for an optimized protocol specific to your skin.

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