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Maximize Your Post-procedure Skincare

By ZO® Skin Health


Achieving + maintaining skin health is a unique journey for every person. The way that we address our individual skin health goals depends upon several factors and needs, ranging from our skin type and skin condition to lifestyle behaviors and more. It makes sense—no person is exactly the same and the same rings true for our skin. Skincare backed by science considers those differences and provides effective, science-based solutions.

Professional Treatments

One popular pathway that many patients take towards attaining their desired results is incorporating professional treatments + procedures into their overall skin health protocol. They are a great way to supplement your daily skincare regimen and can provide more noticeable, longer-lasting results.

From facials to chemical peels to laser therapy, there are numerous options available to get a variety of desired results with varying levels of recovery time.

Maximize Benefits

Despite the variety, all treatments and procedures have one thing in common: no matter the treatment or procedure type, there are ways to maximize those benefits to get the most out of your experience. That common thread is how you support your skin before + after treatments.

For more intensive and ablative in-office procedures, it is important to anticipate what your post-procedure care will look like, so before undergoing your treatment of choice, discuss recommended protocols with your skin health professional. Post-procedure skincare is a vital step for more intense procedures that require time for healing and recovery.

Post-Procedure Skincare

By following a specified post-procedure routine provided by your skin health professional, you can effectively protect healing skin and minimize the risks of potential side effects.

Benefits of post-procedure skincare

  • Skin conditioning and strengthening benefits
  • Minimize the risks of potential side effects and infection
  • Soothe healing skin
  • Reduce scabbing and itching

Procedure Skin Prep

Preconditioning skin in the weeks prior to your treatment builds skin tolerance to accept more aggressive treatments and can help improve recovery time. The lightweight, tolerable formulation of Firming Serum supports visible improvement in skin elasticity, firmness and hydration. If you are looking for more hydration before or after your treatment, Hydrating Crème aids in skin recovery and promotes healthy barrier function for overall skin health.

Sun protection is essential to protect post-treatment skin. Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 50 offers an ultra mild, all-mineral formulation with soothers + hydrators to support compromised skin.

To learn more about post-procedure skincare and ongoing maintenance to support ongoing skin health, discuss with your ZO® authorized physician or find one near you.

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