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Anti-Aging, In-Office Treatments | 

Summer-Safe Treatments

By ZO® Skin Health


Sunny, summer days are in full swing and when “summer skin” comes to mind, we all dream of achieving that smooth, glowing, beachy-bronzed complexion that Instagram filters promise us.

Unfortunately, that reality can be somewhat disappointing when excess sun exposure begins exacerbating skin issues that could cause future damage if not addressed; along with an increase of sebum production which can lead to breakouts and blemishes, extreme sun and heat exposure can also exacerbate signs of aging and inflame conditions such as skin discoloration and excess redness.

So, how can you continue your path to healthy skin when outside forces, such as the weather, are against you?

The change of seasons is the optimal time to change up your skincare routine to:

  • Minimize surface oil + exfoliate dead skin cells
  • Prevent + correct with products that fit into the summer lifestyle by minimizing photosensitivity
  • Protect your skin with UV-protective + environmental skin defense

At ZO® Skin Health, a streamlined, customized summer protocol from your ZO® physician should feature every-day skincare staples that seamlessly fit into any summer lifestyle, by being gentle + sun safe, to treat exacerbated skin issues without causing photosensitivity.

Think about which skin issues you’re noticing are more prevalent for your skin during these summer months:

Are you experiencing and increase in surface oil and breakouts? The Complexion Clearing Masque works wonders to mattify excess shine and clear pore-clogging debris to manage breakouts.

Are your fine lines + wrinkles becoming more noticeable due to excess sun exposure? Incorporate Growth Factor Serum or Firming Serum to your daily routine to not only support skin rejuvenation, but to reinforce hydration from within.

Did you stop HQ and retinol-based products to be summer ready and are now seeing an increase in dark spots? Turn to Brightalive® Skin Brightener and 10% Vitamin C. This skin brightening duo is retinol and HQ-free, so you can increase skin clarity without photosensitive side effects.

Is heat, sun exposure and dry, AC air triggering skin redness and irritation? Find relief with Rozatrol’s weightless, calming blend that is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of red, sensitized skin.

If you’re looking to boost your results with in-office treatments, your ZO® physician can offer a variety of less-aggressive treatments that are optimal for the summer month. These treatments usually require less downtime, so you can get back to you daily routine in no time.

For example, A HydraFacial™ is a favorite amongst patients during the summer—it clean, extracts and deposits nourishing and hydrating serums right into the skin. Results are immediately visible right after treatment, without any required downtime. Best of all, the serums used during this treatment can be customized depending on your skin type and the results you are looking to achieve. ZO® offers two different HydraFacial™ boosters—a Brightalive® Booster to brighten and even out discoloration, and a Rozatrol® Booster to provide therapeutic benefits to sensitive, red skin.

To get summer skin back on track, contact your ZO® physician to find the best protocol and in-office treatments for your skin.

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