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Anti-Aging | 

Here's what happens with sagging skin

By ZO® Skin Health


When you ask people about their primary skincare concern, many responses will echo the same: pre-mature skin aging. Globally, combating aging skin is a prevalent matter for many people: it has built a multi-billion-dollar industry around its prevention and treatment.

The Beauty industry addresses a number of issues that coincide with maturing skin. One aspect is the loss of facial volume that leads to the visible sagging of the skin.

Many people, particularly women, work to firm their sagging skin and utilize several countermeasures, including both non-surgical + surgical procedures, to reduce the appearance of loose skin and wrinkles. These measures to combat the appearance of sagging skin usually require a trip to the dermatologist, plastic surgeon or other medical skincare professionals.

But what if there was a way to maintain the effects of your in-office procedures at home? To enhance your regimen to act preventatively and proactively against one of the most common skincare concerns? How can we combat the loosening + sagging of skin both in-office and in the comfort of our own homes?

Before answering that, it is important to understand why skin laxity, wrinkles + loss of facial volume occur. What is happening that produces these types of changes in your skin?

Skin’s structural integrity weakens from sun exposure, genetics + environmental stressors.

All these things compromise the skin barrier function which affects the skin’s ability to protect itself, maintain a normal cell cycle and retain hydration. Not to mention, all of these factors contribute to the appearance of deep wrinkles + visibly-aged skin. Without the proper foundations of collagen and elastin production, it becomes incredibly difficult for skin to keep its original youthful, structured appearance. The reduction of collagen + elastin contributes to the thinning and fragility of skin over time.

But, what about the opposite side of the skin health continuum: what does healthy skin actually look like?

Healthy skin is firm, tight and lifted with a defined facial contour.

As we move closer to the approaching spring season, it’s a great time to revamp your anti-aging routine with a targeted at-home solution that addresses overall skin sagging.

Specially designed to tighten and firm the skin, ZO’s Firming Serum works to support the skin’s structural integrity while simultaneously defending the skin against free radical damage. It also nourishes the skin on the face and neck with inflammation-fighting antioxidants. Firming Serum supports skin’s tolerance to the surrounding environment, smooth texture and function at the cellular level. By adding Firming Serum into your routine, it will set you on the path to achieving your anti-aging skincare goals.

No matter how you combat fine lines + wrinkles, it’s important to understand why and how it happens in order to make a change. Education is always the first step in achieving skin health.

It is important to address these factors in order to protect and maintain healthy skin, to not just look good, but to actually be good. As we have to remind ourselves, it is not just what is on the outside, but the inside, too.

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