Skin Brightener
Intelligent Discoloration Correction
+ Skin Tone Evening


Excess pigment formation can be triggered by factors such as chronic UV exposure, hormonal fluctuations, acne blemishes, inflammatory response and overall skin sensitivity.

Hyperpigmentation appears as age spots, melasma or dark patches that make skin complexion uneven in color and tone.


Remastered Brightalive® is a technologically advanced skin brightener, clinically proven to increase luminosity, visibly improve skin clarity and fade the appearance of dark spots for a brighter, more even complexion.

Delivering fast onset of results, this non-retinol formula is more potent without causing sensitivity or irritation.


This multi-modal skin brightener is engineered with intelligent technology to achieve visible results.

Intelligent peptide drone selectively targets pigment-producing cells to promote even skin tone and minimize the relapse of skin discoloration.

It is further reinforced with Tranexamic Acid and boosted with Niacinamide to reduce the impact of skin aggressors and improve skin radiance.

Remastered Technology


The drone is designed to seek out pigment-producing cells using the ligand peptide.

Once the pigment-producing cell is found, the drone docks at the cell's MC1 receptor site. After docking, the drone enters the cell where the outer polymer core is dissolved and the encapsulated peptide is released to inhibit tyrosinase gene expression, thus preventing excess pigment formation.

Spotlight on Intelligent Peptide Drone


A powerful ingredient in addressing skin discoloration and brightening skin complexion. It blocks UV-induced pigment production - one of the main causes of hyperpigmentation.

By diffusing pigmentation cascade caused by the sun's rays and skin inflammation, it improves Brightalive's strength + potency.


A form of Vitamin B3, prevents pigment transfer to skin cells. In addition, it improves skin luminosity while supporting skin barrier health and skin hydration.

Niacinamide neutralizes free radicals and restores production of skin's essential lipids, thus ensuring added support to sensitive or irritated skin.


  • Skin Color

    By week 16, the subjects rated a 43% improvement in skin color

  • Pigmentation

    By week 16, the subjects rated a 47% improvement in pigmentation

  • Appearance

    By week 16, the subjects rated a 50% improvement in skin's appearance

  • Skin Quality

    By week 16, the subjects rated a 52% improvement in skin quality

*PROTOCOL: A 16-week physician led clinical study of 50 subjects to assess the efficacy potential of Brightalive® Skin Brightener. Subjects represent females, ages 30-70, with Fitzpatrick skin types I-VI and exhibiting moderate to severe facial dyspigmentation. Supported with use of Gentle Cleanser and Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 50 during the study.


ZO® Skin Health is committed to providing value to the practice and the patient experience. Remastered Brightalive® Skin Brightener and Brightalive® Serum Accelerated are ideal solutions for fast onset of skin brightening + skin tone evening results without irritation or skin sensitivity. With continued use, they restore skin health + support normalization of pigment production.

Recommended for preventative, mild + moderate pigmentation correction protocols.

STEP 1: Getting Skin Ready® Cleanse, Exfoliate and Tone (AM + PM)
STEP 2: Prevent + Correct Daily Power Defense (AM or PM)
Brightalive® Skin Brightener (AM + PM)
10% Vitamin C Self-Activating
(AM + PM)
10% Vitamin C Self-Activating
Retinol Skin Brightener
Retinol Skin Brightener (PM) Wrinkle + Texture Repair (PM)
STEP 3: Protect Triple-Spectrum Protection® (AM)
In-Office treatments Brightalive® Serum Accelerated


For brightening + skin tone evening

  • Features ZO's intelligent discoloration correction + skin tone evening technology consisting of Intelligent peptide drone, Niacinamide and Tranexamic Acid
  • Includes a boosted concentration of anti-inflammatory ingredients to calm and soothe skin post-treatment
  • Intensely hydrates and restores skin barrier function for a smooth + luminous complexion

Brightalive® Serum Accelerated has been safety tested to be used after microneedling

Brightalive Serum Accelerated
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