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How To Refresh Skin At Home

By ZO® Skin Health


Several external and internal factors can cause changes in your skin. With summer saying goodbye, you may notice some of these changes in your own complexion. 

Summer travel and increased time outdoors expose skin to pollution, UV rays, and humidity while lifestyle influences, such as stress, lack of sleep and dietary issues all contribute to the appearance of compromised skin health. How do those changes show up in the skin? There are many physical manifestations, but often it appears as skin lacking luster and looking sallow and rough. 

Dull, Dry Skin?

For some, skin dryness and dullness may sound familiar, not only for this time of year, but also anytime your environment, body or mind go through change.

Has your skin been feeling dull, irritated, or just not at its best? To return to your natural radiance, it might be time for a skin refresh. 

Limited Collection Micro Facial Program

Introducing our Limited Collection Micro Facial Program, designed to restore softer, smoother + naturally radiant skin without irritation or downtime. This program follows ZO’s approach to natural radiance: mild, multi-modal exfoliation plus calming hydration.

  • Physical exfoliation 
  • Fruit enzyme exfoliation
  • Gentle chemical exfoliation
  • Calming hydration replenishment

These four steps help to increase luminosity, boost hydration and calm the appearance of red, irritated skin.

Our Newest, Limited Time Offering Collection Includes:

Getting Skin Ready®

Cleanse, exfoliate and tone skin to maintain skin health or to help skin return to a balanced state with Getting Skin Ready®

Exfoliation benefits from the Exfoliating Cleanser and Exfoliating Polish slough away dead skin and debris for instantly softer, smoother feeling skin.

Complexion Renewal Pads clarify pores and help to even skin texture for an overall smoother complexion.

Enzymatic Peel

Enjoy the spa at home with the Enzymatic Peel. Low concentration AHAs and enzymatic exfoliation help to revitalize the appearance of dull skin while added hydration benefits support skin barrier health. 

This peel is ideal for all skin types, requiring no downtime or recovery and is perfect for whenever your skin needs a radiance boost. Rinsing is not required—leave the peel on overnight for maximum peel benefits.

Skin Brightening Sheet Masque

Amplify your ZO® glow with the Skin Brightening Sheet Masque. Intense hydration and calming brightening benefits help skin to glow from within. 

After the Enzymatic Peel, apply the mask to the skin. Gently massage and press the mask into the skin to improve circulation and enhance product absorption. Leave on for 15-20 minutes, massage leftover product into the skin, and enjoy the return of your natural radiance.


If looking to revitalize dry, dull skin or to enhance the benefits of any ZO® in-office treatment, this collection offers numerous skin health benefits and is a great way to refresh skin at home. 

The Micro Facial Program is available for a limited time only.

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