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Winter Maskne

By ZO® Skin Health


Wearing a face mask for prolonged periods of time without taking proper precautions can influence skin health. Increased friction to the skin can cause irritation, itching and discomfort. Plus, the cloth barrier maintains a warm environment against the skin, which has the potential to cause breakouts and acne flare-ups, giving bacteria the perfect place to grow. For those with acne-prone skin, wearing a mask can encourage breakouts and other acne symptoms.

Many skin experts and enthusiasts, cleverly dubbing it "maskne," have brought this phenomenon to the public eye. It's a good thing ZO® has your skin health covered, no matter what the time of year or circumstance.

Beat winter maskne and keep yourself refreshed this New Year with the following tips:

Keep Up Your Routine

Maintaining your skincare regimen is important year-round. Regular care with a GSR® protocol of cleanse, exfoliate + tone helps stabilize skin, which is especially crucial during winter months. While wearing a mask, the warmth and moisture from your breath contributes to bacterial growth on the skin, trapping it against parts of your face concealed by your mask, such as around your mouth, nose and cheeks. Reduce the risk of breakouts in these areas by washing your face before and after wearing a mask for extended periods of time.

Exfoliating Cleanser is a great option for combatting maskne prone skin, ideal for cleansing away impurities without leaving skin feeling stripped or dry. Also, don’t forget to follow up with the rest of your GSR® protocol for maximum skin health benefits. Following exfoliation, it is important to tone skin. For oily or acne prone skin types, Oil Control Pads are formulated with 2% salicylic acid to reduce surface oils and normalize pore size to help prevent and address the signs of maskne.

Don't Forget to Exfoliate

Maskne is worsened by not treating clogged pores and bacterial growth on the skin, so regular exfoliation is key. Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells for smoother, softer skin and can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Physical exfoliation, provided by a product like Exfoliating Polish in your GSR® protocol, mechanically sloughs away dead skin with the use of magnesium crystals for a noticeably smoother complexion. On the other hand, chemical exfoliation occurs via acids and enzymes. Anti-aging solutions like Exfoliation Accelerator utilize an effective 10% glycolic and lactic acid complex to gently, yet effectively exfoliate skin to promote skin renewal. How you choose to exfoliate depends on your skin type and its unique needs, but overall, regular exfoliation offers benefits for those susceptible to mask-related blemishes and breakouts.

Masque Up at Home

Treat yourself to a different type of "masque" experience at home by adding a skincare masque into your acne treatment and prevention protocol. Whether looking to address the signs of acne or to include preventative solutions into the mix, Complexion Clearing Masque purifies pores and soaks up excess oil while leaving skin feeling soft and hydrated. This effective solution can not only help manage breakouts, but can also bring the spa experience directly to your home.

Wash Your Face Mask Frequently

Taking care of your skin is important, but so is keeping up with your mask hygiene. If using a reusable cloth mask, make sure to regularly wash it to ensure bacteria, old makeup and debris does not have a chance to linger on your skin and further irritate and affect skin. It is recommended to clean your mask with a mild detergent, as sensitized skin can react to strong soaps and fragrances and further aggravate your winter maskne blues.

Check-In With a Skin Health Professional

If you notice increased breakouts or flare-ups coinciding with extended mask usage or want to learn more about maskne preventative care, discuss with your ZO® authorized physician or find one near you.

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