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Micro Facial Program

Designed to restore softer, smoother + naturally

radiant skin without irritation or downtime

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Daily Power Defense

Advanced barrier serum that defends against

environmental stressors + premature signs of aging

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Illuminating AOX Serum

Concentrated antioxidant serum that

defends against pollution + premature signs of aging

Firming Serum - 47 mL / 1.6 Fl Oz.

Firming Serum

Lightweight serum that supports visible improvement

of firmness + sagging

Growth Factor Serum - 30 mL / 1 Fl. Oz.
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Growth Factor Serum

Lightweight gel that reduces the appearance of

expression lines + wrinkles

Wrinkle + Texture Repair

Wrinkle + Texture Repair

Formulated with 0.5% retinol to support the

visible improvement of skin texture

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Radical Night Repair

Formulated with 1% retinol to improve

skin texture + uneven pigmentation

10% Vitamin C Self-Activating - 50 mL / 1.7 Fl. Oz.

10% Vitamin C Self-Activating

Vitamin C brightens skin + promotes a more even skin tone

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Exfoliation Accelerator

Glycolic acid treatment designed to

exfoliate + brighten skin


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About Prevent + Correct

Products to address specific skin care concerns. Includes mild and aggressive treatment products formulated to keep skin looking healthy. ZO® products focus on using a wide range of ingredients such as high-potency retinols, peptides, growth factors, AHA/BHA, vitamin C and many others to provide a comprehensive offering of products to repair every skin concern.