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Hydrators + Moisturizers: What You Need to Know

As summer starts to come to an end and temperatures begin to cool, plump and hydrated skin will probably be your primary goal in the fall and winter seasons. But before you begin the search for the perfect moisturizers for you daily and nightly routine, take a moment to learn their true impact on your skin.

Conventional Moisturizers

Many over-the-counter moisturizers use words like "nourishing," "gentle," "comforting," and are usually well tolerated by anyone. Nevertheless, while you may experience these benefits immediately after applying, moisturizers are often only a quick solution to what may be a bigger problem. With daily application, moisturizers could actually be harming your skin.

Most conventional moisturizers contain the same components present in the skin: water, lipids and proteins. When applied, they create a high level of moisture saturation on the skin’s surface, which leads to a false sense of hydration that causes your skin to stop producing its natural hydration from within. Skin’s barrier function can become compromised, leading to weak and sensitized skin. Since your skin is not producing its own hydration, it can feel dry and flaky too, which then leads to you applying more moisturizer to compensate, and so the cycle continues. This is why many women are dependent on moisturizer.

Excess Hydration

Over time, misusing moisturizers can also begin to interfere with your skin’s natural exfoliation process. Every day, your skin naturally renews itself to exfoliate dead skin cells and reveal glowing, healthy skin. But an overapplication of synthetic hydration can compact dead skin cells on the skin’s surface instead of exfoliating off naturally. This again may lead to your skin appearing dull and dry, as well as weak and sensitive.

Conventional moisturizers do more harm than good, and while they can provide a quick fix, they don’t offer long-term benefits. ZO® Skin Health has developed a line of "functional hydrators" that are uniquely engineered to restore a compromised skin barrier, accelerate skin hydration from within and support your skin’s natural recovery process.

Conventional moisturizers do more harm than good, and while they can provide a quick fix, they don’t offer long-term benefits.

Functional Hydrators

ZO® Hydration + Calming products are recommended to only be used temporarily to hydrate and calm the skin when undergoing anticipated reactions from actives, such as retinol, or in-office procedures, like peels and lasers—without compromising your results. The right hydrator will depend on your skin type and skin concerns:

  • Renewal Crème is a lightweight hydrator for mild dryness. Oat kernel and plankton extract soothe and reduce redness and a whisper of retinol stimulates skin renewal while supporting your skin’s hydration levels.
  • Recovery Crème is a richer, emollient choice for moderate dryness. Squalane and shea butter deeply hydrate and provide a protective barrier to protect against trans-epidermal water loss to soothe and reduce redness.
  • Hydrating Crème provides retinol-free hydration for severely dry, irritated, and post-procedure skin. If you suffer from eczema, you’ll enjoy this hydrator, formulated with colloidal oatmeal, and awarded a seal of approval from the National Eczema Association.


Deliver hydration + calming benefits to post-procedure, dry or irritated skin, including eczema. A rejuvenating, retinol-free formulation encourages skin renewal. Apply as needed to reduce the intensity + severity of flare-ups and to instantly reduce itching and redness.

Don’t try to cover up skin issues with additional moisture and hydration without going right to the source. Drink plenty of water and discuss your options with a ZO® Authorized Physician. Achieving skin health isn’t always an easy, straight-forward road, but the lifetime benefits are more than worth it.

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Hydrating Creme - 113 g / 4 Oz.
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Hydrating Crème

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Renewal Crème

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Recovery Creme - 50 mL / 1.7 Fl. Oz.

Recovery Crème

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