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Complexion Renewal Pads - 60 count

Complexion Renewal Pads

For all skin types

  • AM + PM|
  • GSR®|
  • All Skin Types|
Oil Control Pads Acne Treatment - 60 Count

Oil Control Pads Acne Treatment

For oily and acne-prone skin

  • AM + PM|
  • GSR®|
  • Oily + Acne-Prone Skin|

Calming Toner

For dry + sensitized skin


Sold Out

  • AM + PM|
  • GSR®|
  • Dry + Sensitized Skin|

About Toner

A face toner is a crucial step in the Getting Skin Ready protocol as it helps clear the skin of any lingering impurities that cleansing and exfoliating may have missed while minimizing surface oils and rebalancing skin's pH. ZO® Skin Health offers face toners formulated to address every skin type. Our Oil Control Pads are the ideal toner for oily skin to reduce the formation of acne and the appearance of pore size for oily, acne-prone skin. The award-winning Calming Toner, best suited for dry skin, helps treat sensitized skin with lightweight hydration. The Complexion Renewal Pads are a best-selling customer favorite brightening toner, suited for all skin types to brighten skin and clarify pores.