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What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is an inflammatory skin disorder that primarily affects the face. Individuals with rosacea often experience a wide range of signs and symptoms including facial flushing and redness, oily skin, and visible blood vessels.

The Best Solution is One Solution

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Most rosacea patients report using more than one medication to manage the condition.1

Rozatrol relieves the multiple symptoms known to be associated with rosacea.
 All in One Tube.

Patent Pending Multiplex

Featuring a breakthrough combination of ingredients, Rozatrol is uniquely formulated to minimize rosacea’s visible signs.

1 National Rosacea Society

Proven Results + Patient Satisfaction

In a recent clinical study, patients using Rozatrol experienced a visible improvement in their rosacea condition at six weeks, including a decrease in severity of rosacea, flushing and redness symptoms at six weeks.

Images have not been retouched. Images acquired using the VISIA-CR photography system, with cross-polarized lighting.
Graphed 82 Percent
reported a reduction in inflamed skin
Graphed 73 Percent
reported improvement in their rosacea
Graphed 73 Percent
reported less skin redness
Graphed 68 Percent
reported less visible blood vessels

Proven Results &+ Patient Satisfaction