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Fall Skincare Tips: Must-Have Ingredients + Products

The fall season brings with it crisp air, cupped leaves and the promise of cooler weather. Autumn weather may be milder than winter’s, but as the season begins to transition into a cooler, dryer climate so should your daily skincare routine to better support your skin.

Here are three must-have essentials that will make a difference in your fall skincare routine:


Skin becomes more susceptible to dryness and dehydration as temperatures begin to cool down and brisk winds pick up. If your skin is already normally on the dryer side, you may expect an exacerbation of these symptoms: redness, itching, flaking and roughness.

Hydrating Crème is the perfect ZO® functional hydrator to help provide immediate relief to dry skin. Ingredients like colloidal oatmeal and ophiopogon japonicus root extract allow this hydrator to immediately protect and relive dry skin while restoring hydration from within for a normalized skin barrier.


Exfoliation is often not prioritized for the fall and winter season, but it remains a key step in maintaining healthy skin no matter the season. During the cooler months, natural skin exfoliation may slow down from changing temperatures and overusing moisturizers.

Make sure to use a gentle exfoliant, like Exfoliating Polish, to remove layers of dead skin cells, allowing corrective products and hydrating properties to better penetrate and deeply nourish the skin. With regular use, you’ll soon notice a softer, smoother and more radiant appearance.

Exfoliating Polish

Gently massage into damp skin so ultra-fine magnesium oxide crystals can slough off dead skin cells to restore a smoother texture and healthy ZO® glow.

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Even if the weather is cooling down and the sun isn’t shining as bright, UV rays are still there. As the leading cause of skin cancer, you should always protect your skin against UV rays to maintain skin health.

ZO® Skin Health offers a variety of scientifically superior sunscreens, each uniquely formulated to suit a variety of skin types and lifestyles. However, they each have something is common—Triple-Spectrum Protection®, proven broad-spectrum defense against harmful UVA, UVB and I-RA rays, as well as blue (HEV) light. To find the right sunscreen for you, read our latest post on ZO® sunscreens.

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