Walking in a Winter Wonderland can be anything but wonderful for and on our skin. Harsh winter weather can leave skin dry, flaky and itchy.

Our skin becomes dry when it loses too much water or oil, and this tends to occur more dramatically in winter months. Extremely dry winter skin, in turn, can lead to inflammation.

Prevent this vicious cycle by stepping up winter skincare today with:


Dr. Zein Obagi recommends exfoliating daily during the winter months to get rid of dead, dry skin and allow younger, healthier skin cells to emerge. ZO® Skin Health Offects® Exfoliating Polish is effective without risk of irritation, making it a win-win for winter.


Sunscreen isn’t just for summer. It is important in winter too. In fact, snow can double UV exposure because it reflects sunlight. ZO® Skin Health’s Oclipse® Sunscreen comprises two different physical sunscreens plus melanin to protect the skin all year long.

Avoidance of hot water

No matter how cold you get, hot water will dehydrate your skin, deplete its natural oils, and worsen dry skin. After showering, pat skin dry, and apply ZO® Skin Health Oraser® Body Emulsion Plus to restore hydration and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier. Always choose unscented, soap-free, or mild soap cleansers. These will be the least likely to irritate and exacerbate dry skin problems. Along the same lines, avoid the overuse of heaters as they can also worsen dry, winter skin. Instead, plug in your humidifer and make sure to drink enough water and load up on omega-3-rich foods. Omega 3’s fight inflammation and can be found in cold-water fish like salmon and halibut, flax, walnuts, and safflower oil. These friendly fats help fortify the skin’s natural oil-retaining barriers.

If you feel your skin is itchy or inflamed, despite all of these prevention efforts, apply a cool compress or a hydrocortisone cream on the area for a week. Sometimes dry, itchy skin may be a result of eczema or atopic dermatitis. See a dermatologist for a proper diagnosis and skincare advice.