You Multitask – So Should Your Skincare

If you know how to do five things at once, most business professionals would refer to you as a fine multitasker. You know that to get everything you want out of life, multitasking isn’t a choice, but a requirement. The same can be said for your skincare: to get everything you want for your skin, your products simply must multitask. If anyone can appreciate this concept, it’s you—today’s modern woman.

That’s why Dr. Obagi created products like ZO Skin Health’s Oraser Body Emulsion, which accomplishes a multitude of tasks at once. We’re talking hydration, exfoliation, hyperpigmentation reduction, wrinkle reduction, and wrinkle prevention. How? The ingredients are your personal skincare dream team, including Retinol, Lactic Acid, Glucosamine, Vitamin E, and Coenzyme Q10.

Dr. Obagi formulated this product with supreme efficiency. When he sees an opportunity to give you the kind of product that works as hard as you do he seizes it because he believes that if skincare companies truly want your skin to have it all, they need to start giving it their all.

That was also his thinking when he formulated Oraser Daily Hand Repair SPF 20. A true workaholic, this product improves age spots, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation, all while protecting your hands from free radicals and blocking UVA/UVB rays. Similarly, Oclipse Sunscreen + Primer SPF 30 gives 200% by protecting your face from the sun’s harmful rays and acting as a primer under your makeup— and on top of all that, it’s tinted to provide a natural glow.

You know what it’s like to work hard. Isn’t it time  for your skincare products to start working hard for you?