Hyperpigmentation is one of the most challenging problems reported by dermatologists and other skincare professionals. An over production of melanin, and uneven distribution of melanin can show up in several ways, and presents difficulties for many people, particularly in darker skin types.

Pigment can also be complicated to treat safely and effectively. Some topical agents can be difficult to tolerate for prolonged periods and inconsistent sun protection habits can make it worse. All of the unwanted signs of sun damage are a universal problem that can affect all skin types, from very fair to very dark skin.

We have all seen what happens to skin that gets exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. It looks sallow, feels dry, becomes mottled with dark patches and blotches, and generally looks old and dull. Chronic exposure to ultraviolet light results in severe skin damage; translation: lines, wrinkles, and brown spots that nobody wants to see.

New Way To Reverse Pigmentation

ZO Medical Melamin-C™ Skin Bleaching and Correcting Creme contains (4%) hydroquinone and 20% vitamin C to correct even the most severe and advanced forms of hyperpigmentation. A potent level of 20% vitamin C works to accelerate the exfoliation of existing surface pigmentation to create a more uniform skin tone. In addition, antioxidants help calm and soothe irritated skin, making this very potent formula easy to tolerate for most people.

Melamin-C works well for melasma, freckles and age spots. The addition of a potent strength of 20% vitamin C helps enhance skin brightening and reverse superficial pigmentation. An anti-irritant complex consisting of sichuan pepper fruit extract, sunflower seed oil and rosemary leaf extract helps keep inflammation and redness to a minimum.

For best results, Melamin-C should be applied to skin areas twice daily, and the use of a broad-spectrum SPF 30 or above is mandatory. Ask your ZO® skincare professional if Melamin-C is right for you.