Skincare Spending Priorities

We all have our spending priorities. We all have things in our life that, to us, justify reaching a little deeper into our pockets. So what are your spending priorities where skincare is concerned? Are you getting the most bang for your buck?

For instance, the ZO Skin Health DNA Kit is a go-to recommendation for newcomers to the brand. Why? It’s the best way to familiarize them with all that ZO can do for them—and it stretches their dollar the furthest. Many of our customers come back for DNA Kit seconds once they’ve run out. These are the folks who just can’t decide on one or two products—they want it all.

If you want it all, but simply can’t have it all, don’t worry. For folks like you, we pull out the big guns because we want you to know you spent wisely. For those with sensitive skin, Growth Factor Serum always does the trick. Customers looking for serious anti-aging won’t feel any buyer’s remorse with Radical Night Repair Plus.

When it comes to the type of skincare shopper who will cut corners elsewhere to ensure her skin is in top form, we pull out Oclipse. This is where you put your money when tomorrow matters just as much as today. SPF (and the preventative measures that come with it) is your strongest ally in the battle against aging.

So which category do you fall into and how high is skincare are on your list of priorities? As long as the products you’re using make you happy and do the job they promise, that’s all that matters.