Radical Night Repair – The Wrinkle Solver

When it comes to anti-aging, Dr. Obagi doesn’t mess around. Case in point, ZO Skin Health’s Radical Night Repair Plus.

Typical drug store retinol products contain clinically insignificant amounts of retinol. Minuscule, in fact. Why? Because retinol is difficult to formulate with, and because when used in high concentrations, it’s extremely potent. So rather than produce a lotion or cream that really works, manufacturers put in just a little. The industry nickname for that is “fairy dust”—like a fairy sprinkled just a little powder from her magic wand. And if you believe in magic wands, you may believe the claims that those manufacturers make!

Here’s a tidbit that you may not know: it’s an unfortunate fact that the cosmeceutical industry is not regulated, and manufacturers are allowed to promote a product by claiming that a it contains retinol (or any other ingredient) even if it contains only a trace amount. That’s not fair to you, the consumer.

And at ZO, that’s just not our style. The concentration of retinol in Radical Night Repair Plus is 6x higher that the leading retinol product sold through drug stores, and 15x the amount of retinol sold through infomercials and home shopping channels.

The high concentration of retinol in Radical Night Repair Plus enables it to work hard to awaken your cells so that they start producing collagen and enable your skin to act and look younger. Radical Night Repair Plus could very well be the most effective over-the-counter anti-aging product.

Keep in mind, there is such a thing as getting too much of a good thing. It may take your skin days or weeks to tolerate the high concentrations of retinol present in Radical Night Repair Plus. Please begin by applying it only once or twice a week, and as pharmaceutical manufacturers say, follow label instructions carefully. Within weeks, you’ll be able to increase the frequency, and you should eventually apply it 7 nights per week.