Mission: Speedy Recovery

Remember that famous scene from an episode of Sex & The City when Samantha had a chemical peel and turned beet red and swollen for days? Well that won’t happen any more thanks to the NEW ZO® Post Procedure Recovery System developed by Zein Obagi, MD.

This system is the most effective program available for post procedure skin management. This unique post procedure recovery system is designed for use after laser resurfacing procedures, chemical peels or any combined ablative treatment. The three products are formulated to synergistically deliver the most advanced technology available to protect and soothe skin while natural re-epithelialization of the skin is completed.

The system includes three powerhouse products – Pomatrol™ Soothing Ointment, Surfatrol™ Antiseptic Powder Solution and Regenacell™ Epidermal Renewal Creme. It was designed by Dr. Obagi for use after medium to deep peels, laser resurfacing or any combined skin resurfacing treatment. The three products in this kit contain a highly effective, unique variety of proteins and growth factors. It has been clinically proven to be superior in accelerating wound renewal and the speed of skin recovery by up-regulating the re-epithelialization process of cell rejuvenation.

The ZO Post Procedure Recovery System is only available through ZO physician offices. So next time you’re considering a deeper peel or wrinkle-smoothing laser treatment, ask you dermatologist or plastic surgeon for this rapid healing remedy and you can get back to your normal routine and face the world in no time.