Skin Care Layering

We used to get by with only 3 steps (cleanse, tone, moisturize), but that is so yesterday. But is all that layering is actually good for your skin? Well, the short answer, is that it depends.

You want us to recommend FEWER steps, and we’re going to recommend MORE steps! Unfortunately, doing as you ask would not necessarily be doing you (or your skin) any favors.

Some day there may be one product that cleanses, tones, activates, stimulates, moisturizes, and protects. But not soon. Actually, if we combined too many active ingredients, one would invariably de-activate or destabilize another. Plus there can’t be one generic skincare product, because there isn’t one generic skin type. Every person’s needs are so different.

There are several things wrong with the regimen you mention.

  1. You’re missing what dermatologists consider to be the most important step—sunscreen.  It’s critical for both younger-looking as well as healthier skin.
  2. To avoid pigmentation issues, elasticity problems, lines, and wrinkles, you need to stimulate the skin cells. For this you need active Vitamin A, and peptides, growth factors, and anti-oxidants.
  3. Using a moisturizer, while excluding some of these other ingredients, will make your skin cells lazy and function improperly. Don’t make that mistake!

Not to worry about too much layering—your skin will appreciate the attention that it gets. Just make sure to apply the products in the right order, from lightest to heaviest, so that they can be absorbed properly.

So although we can’t recommend just one product, you may want to try one of our uber popular ZO kits that combine —all at a value-price!