When November rolls around, you can’t go very far without seeing a turkey or two. But the last place you want to be reminded of turkeys is in the mirror. If you are troubled by a turkey neck, you will be pleased to learn that there are new ways to cope. The excess fat and saggy skin in this tricky area can be hereditary in many cases, and can show up in women and men at almost any age. There is now a great selection of new and novel treatments that can help to get your turkey neck under control.

If you’re interested in neck contouring that is effective, yet non-invasive, CoolSculpting® (Zeltiq) offers the Cool Mini applicator that was designed especially for treating this key area. This FDA-cleared treatment can restore definition to your chin and jawline by freezing unwanted fat cells with zero downtime.

More recently, FDA-approved Kybella™ (Allergan) was introduced to reduce the fat deposits under your chin. This treatment involves a series of 2 to 6 sessions of injections to dissolve fat deposits. There is some swelling and mild redness and you can return to normal activities over a weekend.

Another excellent option to sculpt the area under your chin is minimally-invasive liposuction. This can be performed on local anesthesia with or without sedation to keep you comfortable. Your dermatologist or plastic surgeon will make tiny incisions under the chin and behind your ears to suction our small amounts of fat with a thin instrument. A chin strap will be applied to wear for several days. There is minimally swelling and bruising and you can get back to enjoying your life with new confidence very quickly.

All of these popular neck-contouring treatments can provide noticeable and rapid results with minimal downtime.