Dermal Fillers

Introducing ZO Skin Centres

ZO Skin Centres is the newest brainchild of Dr. Zein Obagi, and the flagship location opened in June 2015 at the posh Fashion Island in Newport Beach, California. Clients can stop by for a rejuvenating ZO peel, have a bit of BOTOX for your crow’s feet or Juvederm in your lips. You can even schedule a Coolsculpting session to freeze the fat on your tummy, all in the privacy and convenience of a modern pampering setting. Dr. Obagi has spent over three decades researching and developing revolutionary ways to restore and maintain healthy, vibrant and glowing…


Tip: Botox could be something to frown about

Did you ever notice that sometimes Botox seems to work better—or last longer—than others? It could be the doctor, it could be the quality, or it could be that there’s some funny business going on in the office. Botox is delivered to physicians in a freeze-dried form, and the doctor then mixes it with saline. The Botox itself is very expensive, and many women have complained about getting Botox injections that aren’t doing much for their wrinkles. Are they building up some kind of immunity, or could it be that doctors are watering down the Botox?…


Get Smart About Fillers

If you’re in your 40s or 50s, chances are you’ve noticed some vertical lines in your face—not wrinkles, but loss of volume. To the rescue: facial fillers. There are several on the market now, some of which you’ve probably heard about. But which one is right for you? Your doctor may be the best judge of that, but here are some things that you should know. After you have lost collagen and elastin, fillers help the dermis return to a more youthful condition. They work underneath the skin to trap water, plump the skin, and restore…


Read My Lips

When was the last time you celebrated something on your body plumping up? It’s probably been a while, but at ZO, we’ve thought of something that you might actually like to have “plumped”—your lips. As we get older, all of the things that we don’t want to be thin—like our fingernails, our lips, our eyelashes, and our hair—get thinner. Somehow that doesn’t seem fair, but it’s the result of aging, environmental conditions, and hormonal issues. As we age, our bodies slow down the process of regenerating cells, so our lips, which are already thin, get even…


BOTOX® vs. Dysport

It used to be, when you asked a doctor for Botox®, you got Botox. That’s because Botox was first in the market and had no competition. These days, that’s all changing. The FDA has approved Dysport®, a new anti-wrinkle injectible also made from botulinum toxin. Should you ask your doctor to make the switch? That’s an important question, so let’s face the facts. Dysport is a little different from Botox, but also safe and effective. It spreads a little more after it has been injected. The advantage is that if large areas (like your forehead) need…


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