6 Tips for a Safe Manicure

Nothing beats a luxurious mani/pedi in a spa or salon for pampering and relaxation, but be sure that you’re getting a safe manicure without the risk of infection.

Read these 6 tips for getting a beautiful manicure without any problems or surprises:

  1. Serious nail infections can be caused by excessive cutting of the cuticle,  or the use of manicure instruments that have not been sterilized properly, or soaking tubs that are not been cleaned sufficiently in between clients.
  2. The general appearance of the salon or location does not necessarily indicate how safe and clean the instruments and tools are, or how experienced the nail technicians may be, no matter how professional, beautiful, or expensive the decor looks.
  3. Read online reviews of the salon before making an appointment, and ask your manicurist directly about any safety concerns you may have.
  4. To be on the safe side, always bring your own equipment to the salon, including nail clippers, scissors, and even files. Some salons will allow you store your own personal set right there with your name on it for convenience.
  5. Keep your instruments clean by using rubbing alcohol after every use.
  6. If you see yellow, greenish tinge or thickened nails, that could be the sign of a fungal infection that needs medical treatment. Nail infections can be hard to treat and tend to linger on, so be careful about who does your mani/pedi!