The M Word

Menopause is a word most women would rather not ever hear. But sadly, it can start in your 30s and last til your 60s in some cases. Among the many changes that women experience during this time are those affecting the skin, and unfortunately it’s not great news. Menopausal Skin Changes Dry skin as oil glands become less active Skin thinning Decrease in collagen and elastin Loss of facial volume Deepening of wrinkles and folds Increased levels of testosterone and facial hair Pigmentary changes The best defense against all these changes is a comprehensive skin care…


Menopause, Wrinkles & HRT

Menopause represents enough problems, and accelerated skin aging is one of them. With menopause comes a decline in hormones—particularly estrogen—which induces increased wrinkling and dryness. While we don’t advocate the use of hormone replacement therapy for the treatment of skin aging, there’s significant anecdotal and clinical proof that the use of hormone replacement therapy significantly slows skin aging: hydration, elasticity, and thickness of skin all improve. After just six months, wrinkles are reduced and skin is firmer and tighter. Not only do people report improvement, but physicians observe the changes as well. In a study conducted…


You Multitask – So Should Your Skincare

If you know how to do five things at once, most business professionals would refer to you as a fine multitasker. You know that to get everything you want out of life, multitasking isn’t a choice, but a requirement. The same can be said for your skincare: to get everything you want for your skin, your products simply must multitask. If anyone can appreciate this concept, it’s you—today’s modern woman. That’s why Dr. Obagi created products like ZO Skin Health’s Oraser Body Emulsion, which accomplishes a multitude of tasks at once. We’re talking hydration, exfoliation, hyperpigmentation…


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