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How To Wash Your Face The Right Way

Cleansing should be the simplest part of your daily skin care routine. But, you may not realize that some all too common bad habits can cause a whole list of skin problems, including dry patches, irritation, oiliness, redness, clogged pores, and breakouts.

Cleansing before you go to bed is an essential part of keeping your skin healthy. During the day the oils on your skin oxidize, which collects dirt and debris on cells from pollutants, bacteria, perspiration and smoke. Cleanse skin at night to remove these toxins that can age your skin and contribute to clogged pores. Cleansing your skin in the morning is important to reduce oil and drops of perspiration that may have formed overnight. Beware that overwashing or harsh scrubbing can also exacerbate your skin’s oil production, leading to acne.

If you’ve got sensitive skin, you’ll want to use clean hands or a soft washcloth to avoid irritation. ZO Offects Hydrating Cleanser is the one for you. It gently hydrates and rejuvenates without disrupting the moisture barrier. Using panthenol and allantoin to soothe, repair, and restore skin, it sweeps away all the dead skin cells and supports cellular renewal.

If you have an oily complexion, cleansing your skin with the right product is vital to control breakouts. ZO Offects Exfoliating Cleanser is ideal to gently exfoliate and cleanse skin, reduce excess oil and neutralize free radicals from the environment. This bestseller also contains encapsulated vitamin E that provide antioxidant protection and hydration for healthy oily and acne prone skin. The foaming surfactants to remove oil and impurities from the skin, and micro-beads help to remove dead skin cells to unclog pores and stimulate healthy cell turnover. An added dose of beta hydroxy acid (BHA) also help to stimulate the exfoliation process dead skin cells. Plus, this multi-tasking formula helps to boost your skin’s natural production of collagen.

Generally, it is best to use warm water. Both hot and cold water can be harsh on your skin. After washing, gently pat skin dry and leave skin slightly damp.

Kick Sugar To the Curb

We all know that sugar is bad for your body, your organs, and your overall health. But did you realize that sugar is also bad for your skin and can actually accelerate the aging process?

A huge part of the problem is that too many of us are not aware how addictive sugar is and easy it is to get hooked. Another issue is that sugar is in just about everything. It is even hidden in some foods where you would least suspect it. For example, canned vegetables, tomato sauce, most cereals, sports drinks and more.

When you eat sugar, it stimulates the release of dopamine in your brain, which makes you feel pleasure. The brain recognizes and likes this feeling and begins to crave more. So in this way, it’s a little like crack cocaine!

According to Plastic Surgeon and ZO Faculty Member Dr. Aaron Kosins, “The best way to get off sugar is to do a quick detox program. You may not realize how addicted you are to sugar until the cravings hit you. Once you eliminate sugar from your diet, you will see how much better you will feel and look.”

Here is a list of what you should avoid during your detox; fast food, junk food, processed foods, gum, mints, candy, desserts, bread, sweetened beverages, soda or carbonated drinks, fruit juice, chocolate, granola, cereal, fruity yogurt, ice cream, condiments like ketchup and salad dressings, and almost anything that comes in a can, box or plastic bag. If you can’t go cold turkey and wipe out all sugar from your diet, try taking small steps and doing it gradually.  Even faux sugar may keep you addicted – like diet soda and packets of sugary powder.

Think about healthy substitutes for sweet treats you used to pick up when hunger struck. Choose an apple or a bowl of berries over a plate of fruit-flavored yogurt. Instead of sweeteners, use cinnamon, vanilla extract or lemon zest to add flavor some of the foods you love. If you crave something crunchy, go for carrot and celery sticks instead of pretzels or pita chips.

Over time, you can actually re-train your taste buds to like foods that are not so sweet. In fact, after a little time away from sugar, you may be surprised to find that the foods you used to indulge with are way too sweet for your palate.


Pack Your Bags With ZO

You asked for it – we listened. In time for summer vacay planning, we are excited to introduce two new Travel Packettes of Dr. Obagi’s signature complexion control pads. Just because you’re going to be chillaxing at the beach or climbing a mountain trail, or having a barbeque in your backyard, your skin doesn’t have to suffer.

According to Beverly Hills Dermatologist Dr. Zein Obagi, Medical Director of ZO Skin Health, “Your skin cannot afford to take a vacation. I created our line of Travel Packettes so that you can take these important skin care remedies with you wherever you go. The end result is that your skin will be clear because you will be able to control the sebum in the skin.”

Welcome ZO Offects TE Pads Travel Packettes

One of our best sellers, this daily leave-on treatment helps target oil and decrease breakouts. It exfoliates to remove dead skin cells, prevents clogged pores and calms and soothes skin that is irritated or inflamed.

These single use packettes in the metallic blue pouch will be a lifesaver. Throw a few in your bag, tuck them into your desk drawer, and use after the gym, of before a night out, the uses are endless. 20 packettes per box

Say hello to ZO Medical Cebatrol Oil Control Pads Travel Packettes

This potent acne prevention solution was designed to be used with the ZO acne treatment program to control acne flares and prevent pores from getting clogged with oil and debris so new pimples don’t have a chance to form.  Cebatrol removes oil, keeps pores open and clean, helps smooth out the surface of the skin, while reducing irritation commonly found with acne or oily skin types.

In a white pouch, these pads come in a box of 20 packettes and are intended to be used daily for best results and as part of a long term acne solution.




Alpha Arbutin – A NEW Retinol Alternative

The ZO Medical range was specifically developed as an intensive daily skincare program that slows down premature aging and skin damage, and helps to maintain healthy skin for the long term.

One of the newest additions to the ZO Medical roster is Brightalive Non Retinol Skin Brightener. What makes Brightalive so unique is that it is a highly effective skin brightening formula without containing hydroquinone or retinol.

Brightalive™ manages the skin’s pigment system by using clinically proven alpha arbutin combined with bioengineered plant phytotechnology to reduce the appearance of brown spots and even skin tone. Alpha arbutin is a novel ZO ingredient that has been shown to brighten pigmentation by inhibiting melanin production and is encapsulated in a patented Oleosome delivery system. Because this unique formula was created with natural plant-based ingredients that are gentle, it is safe for all skin types, even sensitive skin, and can be used daily.

Brightalive’s exclusive 12-hour time-release antioxidant complex contains vitamins A, C and E to deliver continuous protection against oxidative stress. Your skin will feel nourished, brighter and hydrated.

Who should use Brightalive?

According to Dr. Zein Obagi, Medical Director of ZO Skin Health, “Brightalive is ideal for all skin types when strong skin lightening is not indicated. It can reduce pigmentation while it restores the skin’s vital moisture balance and enhances DNA repair with consistent use.”

Although it can be used on its own, he also recommends Brightalive as a great complementary treatment product to be applied on top of ZO Medical C-Bright 10% Vitamin C Serum. C-Bright is a powerful dose of pure vitamin C that is stabilized to brighten and re-texturize the skin. It is a silky smooth formula containing naturally occurring lipids that rapidly exfoliates the pigmentation on the skin’s surface to reveal a more even tone and brighter complexion.


How Long is a Skin Cycle?

The concept of Skin Health Restoration, advanced by Zein E. Obagi, MD, is the optimum process to restore skin activity, vitality, strength and youthfulness, while also treating any skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, or pigmentation. This process ultimately leads to the best possible results for your skin, and will allow you to maintain these results for the long term. But you will need to be patient because skin health restoration doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to revitalize your skin and wake up your cells that Dr. Obagi describes as having been sleeping because they get lazy.

Dr. Obagi defines one full skin cycle as the time it takes from baby cells to be born at the deepest layer of the epidermis (the skin’s outer layer), and mature as they rise to the surface of the skin, and ultimately are shed off. This process takes approximately six weeks.

Why is this important? Because it explains why you should not expect to see improvement in your skin when you begin on the ZO Skin Health regimen before the 6-week mark, because healthy, new cells have not yet had a chance to mature and rise to the surface until a skin cycle is complete. In fact, the best results you can achieve will occur after three full skin cycles  – which is approximately 18 weeks or between four and five months, according to Dr. Obagi.

Skin health restoration – the process of making your skin healthy, strong, and youthful, while concomitantly treating any existing skin problems – will take an average of approximately five months that is, if you follow the treatment regimen your ZO doctor or skin care professional has recommended without interruption. If you choose to slow down by using less product than recommended or interrupt the cycle by skipping days, you can still see a significant improvement, but it will just take longer than five months to reach the optimal results.

Eat Your Way to More Beautiful Skin

The best healthy-skin plan encompasses a solid daily skin care approach, lifestyle, and diet, so it’s no surprise that good eating habits—or lack thereof—can affect the health and appearance of your skin. Certain foods go above and beyond, offering antioxidant benefits that cannot be achieved through skin care alone.

“More studies are finding links between certain nutrients and wrinkle reduction, radiance, and acne prevention,” says Dr. ZeinObagi.  “Eating a diet rich in whole grains, amino acids, and antioxidant rich foods makes your cell membranes healthier. Skin should be protected from the outside as well, so daily sunscreen protection is essential and maintaining the barrier function will keep skin looking and feeling younger and healthier throughout your life.”

6 Good Skin Foods:

  • Cocoa – Chocolate and cocoa contain high levels of flavonoids, which is an antioxidant.
  • Pomegranates – This yummy red fruit is a great source of free radical fighting antioxidants.
  • Greek Yogurt – Greek yogurt is especially beneficial due to its high protein content, which can be twice as much as other yogurts.
  • Edamame – Soy isoflavones can help lighten pigment, reduce dark spots, and even out skin tone.
  • Green Tea – High in antioxidants and EGCG, green tea offers skin important benefits, including to help reduce redness and inflammation, and enhance skin’s sun protection factor.
  • Walnuts – These delicious multipurpose snacks are loaded with protein and omega-3 essential fatty acids to boost collagen production.

Eat More Water

Drinking 8 glasses of water every day is easier said than done. Are you looking for alternatives? Try eat more fruits and veggies, especially in the summer when fresh produce is easy to come by. Not only do they offer a healthy blend of vitamins, anti-oxidants, and fiber, they’re also high in water. Here are some of the best.


  • Strawberries—a 149 gram serving has 92% water.
  • Melons—a typical portion of watermelon or cantaloupe is 160 grams, but the water content is 90-92%.
  • Blueberries and apples—you can count on getting 84% of their weight in water, but what they lack in water content, they make up for in anti-oxidants.
  • Banana—one of the lowest in water content: only 74%.


  • Lettuce—at the top of the list vegetable list with 96%.
  • Zucchini and spinach—offer 95% and 92% water content, respectively.
  • Green peas—also generally higher in sugar content, peas are 76% water.

Water has its redeeming qualities, but consuming fresh produce has many benefits that water alone can’t offer.

The Truth About Skincare Products

Are skincare companies treating you fairly, or are you being ripped off?

There have been a number of articles and ads comparing the effectiveness of a skincare products to their cost. While these reports raise some interesting questions, they generally don’t provide any meaningful answers. Consumer Reports concluded that just because a product is expensive doesn’t mean that it’s effective, and just because it’s inexpensive doesn’t mean that it’s worthless. We agree—to a point.

How do you know? That’s a complex issue. We want you to make informed decisions, so let’s face the facts and see what factors influence the cost of skincare products.

  • The nature of active skincare ingredients.

Some ingredients (peptides, entrapped or encapsulated active ingredients, and rare extracts) are very expensive. That’s because frequently these ingredients are patented and sometimes difficult to manufacture.

Some of the least expensive ingredients are water, alcohol, and glycerin—basic, generic ingredients that are mass-produced. They may be nice additions, but they won’t affect a change in your skin.

Other inexpensive skincare products contain heavy fillers which can clog your pores. Some inexpensive skincare products contain an ingredient similar to glue—it may tighten your skin temporarily, but it also clogs the pores and prevents your skin from breathing.

  • The number of skincare ingredients.

Some of the least expensive products have very few ingredients, because they’re quicker and easier to produce. Since water is an ingredient in most skincare products, the fewer the ingredients, the more watered-down the formula. Do you want to pay a lot for a product that is mostly water?

If a manufacturer wants to produce a product that is highly active, that generally requires “loading” the formula, so you get a long list of ingredients, which obviously adds to the cost. A good example is the ZO Skin Health Oraser Daily Hand Repair. Instead of producing a product to yield softer, nice-smelling hands, we wanted a skin care solution that would provide immediate and long-term anti-aging benefits—lightening age spots, softening hands, strengthening the skin, and reducing wrinkles. The Oraser Daily Hand Repair is packed with active ingredients. We could  have produced something less ambitious, but there are already too many hand lotions on the market that don’t do anything.

  • The concentration of active skin care ingredients.

This is one of the biggest scams in the industry. Two products can have the EXACT same list of ingredients, and one will be highly effective while the other totally useless. The difference is the concentration of those ingredients. One product may use only a miniscule amount while the other uses a clinically active level; unfortunately, there’s no way to understand that distinction. That’s because all ingredients are supposed to be listed in order of their concentration, but for ingredients with a concentration less than 1% they can be listed in any order. There’s a big difference between a concentration of .01% and 1%, but you’d never know it from the label.

Since formulations are proprietary, cheap products can easily disguise themselves as looking like quality products. So just reading the labels when comparing two products is not sufficient. The credentials of the manufacturer as well as positive results experienced by bona-fide customers make all of the difference in skincare.

  • Skincare Innovation.

Most mass market companies either use the same inexpensive ingredients in their skin care products that they have been using for years, or try to copy quality products by claiming that they have the same ingredients. Companies like ZO Skin Health are always working towards new and innovative formulas with the latest technology. These companies may take years to develop, test, refine, and produce a new lotion, and then spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on research and development.

If you want a skincare product that is innovative, there is usually a premium to be paid. The old adage holds true: you get what you pay for.

  • Sunscreens.

There is no better example of the disparity between cheap, mass-marketed skincare products and effective, high quality products than in sunscreen. We are constantly amazed at mass-marketers who tout outrageously high SPF ratings on their sunscreens. They mislead people into believing that just because their SPF numbers are high, they’re more effective. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, those sunscreens with ultra-high SPFs are loaded with chemicals and the increase in protection is negligible. We are happy that the ZO Skin Health Oclipse SPF 30 sunscreen was named the #1 sunscreen in the US—and part of that is because we don’t misrepresent the product.

You Multitask – So Should Your Skincare

If you know how to do five things at once, most business professionals would refer to you as a fine multitasker. You know that to get everything you want out of life, multitasking isn’t a choice, but a requirement. The same can be said for your skincare: to get everything you want for your skin, your products simply must multitask. If anyone can appreciate this concept, it’s you—today’s modern woman.

That’s why Dr. Obagi created products like ZO Skin Health’s Oraser Body Emulsion, which accomplishes a multitude of tasks at once. We’re talking hydration, exfoliation, hyperpigmentation reduction, wrinkle reduction, and wrinkle prevention. How? The ingredients are your personal skincare dream team, including Retinol, Lactic Acid, Glucosamine, Vitamin E, and Coenzyme Q10.

Dr. Obagi formulated this product with supreme efficiency. When he sees an opportunity to give you the kind of product that works as hard as you do he seizes it because he believes that if skincare companies truly want your skin to have it all, they need to start giving it their all.

That was also his thinking when he formulated Oraser Daily Hand Repair SPF 20. A true workaholic, this product improves age spots, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation, all while protecting your hands from free radicals and blocking UVA/UVB rays. Similarly, Oclipse Sunscreen + Primer SPF 30 gives 200% by protecting your face from the sun’s harmful rays and acting as a primer under your makeup— and on top of all that, it’s tinted to provide a natural glow.

You know what it’s like to work hard. Isn’t it time  for your skincare products to start working hard for you?

The Battle of The Sexes

When it comes to fighting aging, men win.

If you’re thinking, “it’s just not fair,” you’re probably right. It’s a double-whammy. We already suspected that men find it easier, and quicker, to lose unwanted pounds. But we now know that women also age faster than men, meaning their skin loses collagen and elastin at a faster rate—and at an earlier age—than men. This helps explain why women spend more time and more money on cosmetic products, injections, and procedures. It’s not just vanity—it’s reality.

Lasers can now image the deeper layers of the skin, where collagen and elastin are produced. Studies conducted at the National Taiwan University in Taipei showed that collagen degenerates in women faster. causing more wrinkles, more skin laxity, and more uneven texture.

What is a woman’s best revenge? Use topical products high in active Vitamin A (retinol or retinoids) and active Vitamin C. Build up your skin’s natural defense mechanisms to restore skin strength and resiliency—ZO Skin Health’s Radical Night Repair Plus is a good choice.

Life still won’t be fair, but at least your skin will be firm.