Asian Skin—Part Nature, Part Nurture

Asian women are often the envy of women around the world because they tend to look younger than their chronological age. Why are they so fortunate? Asian skin generally contains more melanin, so photoaging is less visible. By avoiding sun exposure, they can maintain a more even-tone complexion and their skin is less prone to the tell-tale signs of aging—like wrinkling and sagging. What are some of the characteristics of Asian skin types? Sensitivity. Asian skin is susceptible to discoloration from UV rays, hormonal changes, hot water, saunas, and steam. Asian skin also reacts badly to the use…


Stretch Your Skin Care Budget with ZO

Want to save some money on your beauty routine? Here’s one easy way: start with a simple regimen from one skincare company. If you mix and match brands, you’re likely to have redundancy (too much of one ingredient), or voids (not enough of another). So when you find skin care that really works for your skin, stick with it. Your regimen MUST include these basic products: a good gentle daily cleanser treatment product (that activates cellular function) antioxidant blend (to suppress free radicals) moisturizer (for occasional use) SPF 30+ broad spectrum sunscreen nighttime repair product If you…


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