Skin Care in Your 20s

Your 20s is the time to set up a good foundation for basic skin care and age prevention. In your 20s, your skin is still building enough collagen to keep it supple and resilient. Breakouts are often the biggest concern, especially caused by stress, hormonal flux, late nights out, and general bad habits. Start by using the right cleanser for your skin type, twice daily. If your skin is normal, a gentle cleanser will do the trick while not drying out skin too much. If you skin tends to be oily or combination (some oily areas,…


6 Makeup Tips To Make You Look Younger

“You look tired!” Those are three little words that no woman ever wants to hear, especially after sleeping a full eight hours. Newsflash – it could be that you’re making makeup mistakes that are ruining your good looks. Before you apply any makeup, make sure your skin is properly cleansed and hydrated, protected with your daily SPF, especially around the delicate eyelid area. ZO Skin Health Oclipse Sunscreen + Primer SPF30 is the ideal first step before foundation. Apply foundation the right way. Wearing too much, none at all, or the wrong shade that doesn’t match…


The Great Skin Care Conspiracy

Sometimes the odds of getting a good product are bad when it comes to skin care. The creams and lotions that claim to clear, lift, firm, tighten, and correct your complexion don’t always do what they say they’re going to. Less than 50% of the products you put on your face actually help you look younger. And even fewer than that are worth what you pay for them. Why are skin care products so confusing? And why is there so little brand loyalty? Part of the problem is that the last 20 years have brought a…


Use It or Lose It

Why do so many skincare companies put products in 1-to-6 ounce containers? Why not supersize them, like some discount retailers do? The problem is that supersized products may be false economy. Here’s why: 1. Just about all personal cosmetic products have a shelf life. You can see that date printed on the jar; it’s called the PAO (Period After Opening)—an illustration of a little open jar, with a number inside, like 6M, 12M, etc. This number stands for how long the product will stay fresh after it has been opened. Skincare companies are not required to…


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